Welcome to MagicVR – the best Virtual Reality center in Wrocław.

MagicVR is a perfect entertainment spot. We offer breathtaking adventures in amazing places. Thanks to VR technology we can take players to the digital world of entertainment.And all of this in the heart of the city.

We provide various experiences: Arena VR, paraglider flight simulator, racing simulators and a zone with top VR games from all over the world. The highest quality equipment ensures total immersion in virtual worlds.

Games are not everything – we also offer a wide range of applications: Himalayas tours, adventures in orbit or in the depths of the ocean. For the most creative guests we have 3D drawing and sculpting tools.

Corporate events

We are able to provide everlasting memories even for 30-person teams. Each team has a brief introduction, suit up and ongoing support of our experienced staff. For guests who want to relax a bit there are comfortable couches. Coffee and soft drinks available on-site, catering as an option (please inform while booking). The city center itself ensures further good fun.

Zombie VR Squad

Nothing harmonises a team as much as having fun together. Our original project Zombie VR Squad is a huge hit that provides emotions more than enough. As the 4-person ZVRS troop, you defend the nuclear reactor against hordes of zombies. And the icing on the cake – final fight with the zombie boss Zombilla. Team members can see each other and communicate. Although you play together, each player has his/her own statistics. Master of the game watches over you (yes, this strange voice in your heads belongs to him). Absolutely crazy, right?

Sky Fly – the first paraglider flight simulator of this kind in the world

A game designed by a paraglider pilot. Do you have a fear of heights? Overcome it sitting in a comfortable harness in a safe place. Steering is quite easy and intuitive. You can flight, enjoy the landscape at the same time and … you are back home in one piece.

VR Drivers

Dynamic racing for 1-4 players. You can choose among three racetracks in different sceneries. Players have at their disposal playseats WRC. The joy of competition and emotions are guaranteed.

VR Box

We also have a variety of VR games popular worldwide (e.g. Angry Birds, Pavlov, Beat Sabre). There is something here for everyone.

Are you ready for an epic experience?

Come and visit us!