MagicVR original. A very unique mixture of Virtual Reality and profesional paragliding equipment that come together in order to give this virtual flight a truly immersive experience. This excellent simulation has won the hearts of all extreme sports’ enthusiasts giving them a unique chance to experience the real-life feeling of paragliding.

Choose your style

Get ready to play on one of three unique atmospheric maps with diverse levels of difficulty


Since the very beginning the flight is an immersive, adrenaline-packed experience not only due to the excellent simulation but also by giving the user a chance to steer the paraglide the way one wants!


Every player is provided with a professional VR gear.

HTC Vive

One of the best VR headsets that are currently available.

Computer VR

VR Ready, high-grade computer. Geforce 1080 GTX, Intel I7.

SKYMAN harness

Professional, comfortable harness used for paragliding.