Terms and Conditions – MagicVR

By using the Game and/or Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms while staying on the premises of the Object(“Salon Gier VR” , ul. Rynek 31, Wrocław, Poland) governed by MAGICVR.CO SP. Z.O.O(“MagicVR”) with main office located in Wrocław, Poland, NIP: 8992798731, KRS: 0000638859. If you don’t agree to be bound by these Terms, do not use the Game or Services.


1. Every person staying on the premises of the Object is obliged to:
∙ follow the instructions of the staff of MagicVR at all times,
∙ make the payment before using any facility of MagicVR ,
∙ behave in a way that does not put the Customer or any other person in danger,
∙ take the glasses off for the duration of the Game,
∙ have flat-soled footwear for the duration of the Game,
∙ maintain the cleanliness and order of the Object.

2. On the premises of the Object it is strictly forbidden to:
∙ smoke,
∙ consume any products bought off-site,
∙ carry any objects that may pose a threat to other people’s safety.
∙ leave minors unattended by their lawful guardian,
∙ use or possess alcohol, soft and hard drugs or any other substance affecting the Customers’ mental state,
∙ stay on site in a medical state endangering the Customer, other people and the gear provided by MagicVR.
∙ run, crawl or roll,
∙ behave in an aggressive way towards other people,
∙ have any physical contact with other Players,
∙ grab other Players’ weapon,
∙ use the given gear in a way other than the one shown by the staff during the pre-Game training,
∙ climb on or grab the elements of the Objects’ decoration,
∙ alter the given gear in any way,
∙ use one’s own wireless communication during the Game (wi-fi, bluetooth)

3. The staff reserves the right to immediately (also during the Game) deny access to the Customer who does not meet the rules listed above. In such circumstances the Customer is not eligible for a refund.

4. In respect of all disputes ensuing from this agreement, the court of the place of business of MagicVR shall be competent, unless stated otherwise by the polish law.


1. Customers are jointly and severally liable for damage resulting from loss, theft, or damage to the Object or property of MagicVR and third parties, as well as to any injuries caused to the employees of MagicVR and third parties, irrespective of whether the damage or injury is the result of any act or omission on the part of the Customer himself, or people who were in the Object with the permission of the Customer.

2. Any technical flaws spotted by the Customer, as well as dangerous situations and injuries shall be immediately reported to the staff.

3. Games at the MagicVRs’ venue involve psychophysical exertion and may cause some minor injuries (cuts, bruises) or other negative effects in some medical conditions. Being aware of that, the Customer participates in the Game at own risk.


1. Upon resigning from the Game before it ends, the Customer is not eligible for a refund.

2. Complaints concerning malfunctioning of the gear are not eligible for a refund.

3. MAGICVR.CO SP. Z.O.O does not take responsibility for interference in gameplay caused by malfunctioning power grid.

4. MAGICVR.CO SP. Z.O.O is not liable for the loss of clothing and/or other property belonging to the Customer.